Friday, December 4, 2009


There are many weighty matters that I could blog on today. For instance the world’s media seems to be preoccupied about golfer Tiger Woods being caught in the rough with a Birdie (or two, or three).

However I am more interested in a report in the Daily Telegraph – so it has to be true.

Apparently Chris Hunt from Leicestershire is now Mr Monster Munch. He is obsessed by this brand of crisps and eats a different flavour for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now he’s gone the whole hog and changed his name by deed poll.


Here in Spain I am rather partial to ‘Bonka’ coffee, a sandwich made from ‘Bimbo’ bread and dare I say it – yes I do – a nice glass of ‘Fockink’ gin.

Plenty of food (and drink) for thought there as I contemplate my name change this weekend.

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