Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The middle finger or ‘dedo corazón’ in Spanish was much in the news last week. The former premier José María Aznar was seen to show his at the University de Oviedo to those protesting at his visit. However what has caught the public’s imagination is that the minister for equality, Bibiana Aído, should allocate 26,597 euros to its more effective use.

Veterans of the political world suspect this is the first time that the word clitoris has appeared in the official State bulletin (BOE). History was therefore made with the notice that 26,597 euros was being given as a grant to a project named as “Elaboración de un mapa de inervación y excitación sexual en clitoris y labios menores.” I suspect for the majority of readers no translation is required.

It seems that scientists may know what lies on the far side of the moon and we can click on to images of Mars. However as of yet there has been no mapping of the clitoris so Bibiana Aído has taken it upon herself to come up with a solution. Also by putting her finger on this apparent problem the ‘dedo corazón’ will get to the heart of the matter.

One may question that at this time of economic crisis is it a national priority to know the layout of this most intimate of bodily parts? Obviously the minister believes it is. Although I dare say that the macho men of Spain will declare that the clitoris has no hidden zones for them and they know the G-spot as well as the palms of their hands.


PROSPERO said...

And I thought this was a family blog... it turns out to be non-familiar instead. Good one, Sancho! It's not windmills you're tilting at anymore, then.
Just a small, insignificant point, so to speak: the BOP is the Boletín Oficial de la Provincia, and woman's best friend Bibiana had the word appear in the BOE, or Boletín Oficial del Estado. Sort of like Hansard's, only more so.

'Sancho' said...

You have obviously never watched Family Guy on TV. My role model!

Quite right it should have been BOE not BOP - fickle finger of the keyboard!

Maryt said...

Obviously have to map it out because if you talk to women it might as well be on the other side of mars.

PROSPERO said...

Family Guy? You don't mean the Stewie's First Hustler Magazine episode, do you? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWHJk5g9DOE) or is there another one I should see?
I have to admit that, like most men, I didn't think I needed guidance in the matter butI'm always willing to learn...

Sheila said...

If there wasn't so much money involved, this would be hilarious! "Seek and ye shall find."