Monday, March 22, 2010


Having Digital Plus TV not only can I watch Spanish TV channels but also I can eaves drop on what is happening in the USA through Fox News.

Fox News – fairly unbalanced as its slogan should read – serves a wonderful service to the world. It reminds us all how truly lucky we are not to live in the USA.

Those of us who do not live in totalitarian states expect our TV stations to be unbiased so to watch Fox – where a balanced debate involves two Republicans – comes as quite a shock.

Fox News has invested much of its credibility in defeating Obama’s health care bill. Wars may erupt around the world, natural disasters occur but for Fox watchers the only news worth headlining was the progress of the legislation and what a disaster it spelt for the land of the free if passed.

The Canadian and British national health services might not be perfect but Fox was happy to slander them holding them up as the bogey men that could be inflicted upon US citizens if the Obama bill was passed. The thought of universal health care and the concept that a person should receive medical assistance based on their need and not their ability to pay for insurance sent Fox and its broadcasters in to a frenzy.

Whilst Shepherd Smith might present the fair face of Fox we also have the unbalanced, deranged performances of the likes of the Glenn Beck – a man with all the charm and santity of a mediaeval witch-finder pursuivant. Not even President Obama being mugged in a lengthy interview by Fox’s Brett Baer just days ago could prevent the march of the health care bill.

Republican politicians are well used to the rough and tumble of Washington – to victory and defeat. The real shocked faces on Monday were on Fox News – a station that has invested its prestige in defeating Obama – and lost twice!

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