Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have often heard the expression – did the earth move you? – used in the context of sexual encounters.

Now it appears it is a fact rather than an ecstatic state of mind.

According to the Iranian ayatollah Kazem Sedighi the increase in the number of earthquakes around the world is due to illicit sexual relations.

The Imam made his remarks during Friday prayers in Tehran and they were duly reported the following day in the Iranian newspaper Aftab.

Sedighi told the faithful “the natural catastrophes are the result of our own comportment. Many women are badly dressed, they are corrupting the young and the increase in illicit sexual relations has seen the growth in the number of earthquakes.” He singled out young Iranians in Tehran and the country’s other major cities for not respecting Islam’s strict code of dressing.

So now we know.

The earth has only moved for me once. I was in bed in Fuengirola when my apartment shook in the early hours of the morning. I was not sure whether it was the disco in the basement or the reported rumbling in the Sierra Nevada – but now I know illicit sex was to blame. Sad to say I wasn’t involved!


Anonymous said...

Ah! Ha! But it's the THOUGHT that counts!

Simon said...

A group of women in England have decided to test this theory by all wearing deliberately provocative clothing next Monday to see if they can cause an earthquake. I think all women should follow their example. Please send your photos to me so that I can check level of provocation.