Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There was a time when I was a monarchist. Admittedly it was some years ago and as each year now advances I can’t wait to be shot (pun intended) of the British Royal Family.

I bear the Queen no ill will but I do believe that when she dies so should this outdated institution. Sent packing with a million or two in their pockets should be her various relatives whilst her estates and the Duchy of Cornwall returns to the people.

If ever I wavered in that belief up pops Fergie – or the Duchess of York – to remind us all what a bunch of wasters they all are.

So she was willing to take 500,000 pounds to open the doors to influence her former husband. The fact the Sunday newspaper – the News of the World - believed she was ripe for the picking suggests that it had information that she has trod this path before.

We are assured that the Prince of Pork knew nothing of this. How do we know? Fergie and the Palace assure us that is so. Sadly we have long since ceased trusting either of their words – if we ever did.

Fergie is a commoner. OK her family may have more money than you or I but in Royal terms she is common. Yet she still insists in travelling around the world, staying at top hotels, sipping or swigging champagne and so on.

I have read – which doesn’t mean it is true – that she only receives half her husbands pay around 25,000 pounds a year. Well I know plenty of commoners who survive on well less than that.

“Her children are princesses”, you cry! Indeed they are so I do not expect their daddy or granny would let them go hungry do you? Fergie herself says she has been living off them of late – and let us not forget the Duke allows her to stay at his house too – for free.

As I half listened to Sky News yesterday some airhead was saying – “but she’s such a trouper!” What planet do these people live on? Where I come from they have a word for girls like Fergie but it isn’t trouper.


Anonymous said...

Even in Barbate market there is an occasional bad egg in the basket. Please don´t include the Queen in this; she is worth 100 Browns with her past experience and wisdom which she uses to great effect when advising incoming politicians. That in itself is worth the civil list. Think of the suitable alternative before you start another French Revolution.

DAVID EADE said...

A good friend who runs a blog refuses to post comments from Anons - only people who identify themselves. I see his point but am happy to publish the comments of all. However it dose amuse me that those signing Anon usually have a controversial point to make but not the guts to stand by their views. Especially so as the security system on the blog identifies them to me anyway!
As to the issue in hand – Britain is a democracy ruled by parliament, elected by and answerable to the people. The days of tugging our forelocks to members of the House of Windsor or some other dynasty of wasters are over. Britain could easily enough have an elected president who can sit in Buck House at a fraction of the cost and be wheeled out to greet visitors from overseas when required. It would save us the nonsense of the Queen’s Speech in the House of Lords – they’d go too – a speech written by the government elected by us, although some may be works of fiction worthy of the pen of the Duchess of York. I agree I would not want to worship at the altar of St Blair – but the Irish have survived happily enough with a President whilst the real governance is carried out by the Dail.

Malcolm Davidson said...

I don't mind giving my name at all.
I have Scotish, Irish and English blood. My mother's family were Members of Parliament for 5 consecutive generations and my father was as well, finishing his career in the House of Lords. So I was being bashful, or maybe just modest!.
After the French Revolution, Napoleon became a tyrant and in Spain manipulated Ferdinand VI, which led to the overthow of the 1811 Liberal constitution in Cadiz which put back democratic government for generations.
Ireland has a population of 3 million and the UK 62 million, many from all over the world. The Dail can deal well with a small democracy without the Queen.
I would rather make an effort to make the Monarchy and its hangers on work properly than throw away a clock that stil keeps good time under difficult circumstances. Britain has always survived by being "reasonable". Cromwell was our Revolution and also created the Irish Question. Let's make use of out historical perspective.