Monday, September 20, 2010


Spain will have 250,000 cases of cancer in 2020 which is almost 30 percent more than the 200,000 existing level. The data comes from the Agencia Internacional de Investigación en Cáncer that says the blame will lie at the door of an ever increasing unhealthy lifestyle.

The scientific co-ordinator of the national cancer strategy unit at the ministry of health who is also the director of Plan Oncológico in Cataluña, Josep Borrás, has projected a rise of 15 per cent across Europe bringing the level to 3.7 million cases in the next ten years.

In Spain 150,000 men and 92,140 women will suffer from cancer with 2,023,969 men and 1,660,214 women suffers across Europe. Experts say that prostate cancer will be the main disease suffered by men replacing lung cancer although its rate is increasing amongst women.

The reasons for the increase in cancer rates will be due to smoking, the lack of a balanced diet and insufficient physical exercise.

I doubt whether any reader of this blog has not been touched by the pain of cancer in some way. If these findings are right then cancer is not only refusing to go away but also is on the increase. I guess if we stop smoking, eat correctly and exercise then we could buck the trend. Yet cancer seemingly doesn’t discriminate between the outwardly healthy and couch potatoes – at least not in my experience. Our one hope is that whilst cancer cases may be on the rise so too should the number of people who contract this disease yet survive. That is the one statistic Josep Borrás didn’t give us – the statistic of hope.

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