Monday, January 10, 2011


Britons will be all too familiar with the Irish joke which pokes fun at the members of the nation across the water. Of course they tell the same jokes in Ireland except they are called Kerry jokes, aimed at folks from the western county. Many nations throughout the world have a similar vehicle for ‘taking the innocent Michael’ and without a doubt the Spanish equivalent is the Lepe joke – but the joke has turned to reality.

Lepe is a town in the province of Huelva in Andalucía and last Thursday night a man broke in to a bar. It is not known what time the robbery occurred but it was discovered by the owners when they opened up on Friday morning.

He stole from the premises a number of Serrano hams but no cash or other items. The thief is the subject of a find and capture warrant and the police, like the Canadian Mounties of old, are confident of getting their man. This is because in his hurry to flee he left behind his DNI identity card and his mobile phone – so the police know who he is, where he lives, where he works, where he banks, what car he owns - indeed everything there is to know about him. Only in Lepe!

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