Wednesday, February 9, 2011


In the summer of 1992 I attended a dinner held on the large outdoor patio of a restaurant in Mijas. Photographs were taken, one from the terrace above, which looked down on the table where I had been sat. I was rather puzzled as the gentleman sitting in my place had, how should I put this, thinning hair in the centre of his head.

Wind forward to last week and I attended a seminar on the safety systems at the CEPSA refinery in San Roque organised by the Asociación Prensa del Campo de Gibraltar.

As we listened to the engineers and environmental experts two photographs were taken. One above shows us all in wrapt attention. The other taken from behind me shows a gentleman with a bald spot in the centre of his head. This photograph I have destroyed.

Now dear reader you can help me here for I am at a loss as to how this spectre appears in my place – every 19 years! The next sighting should be in 2030. Any suggestions?




Anonymous said...

Much amused by your ‘vanity’ blog, the subject of which is nothing compared to the receding hairline and bald patch my budding actor son has to cope with at the age of 26. Fortunately he has the most optimistic and cheerful nature imaginable and shrugs it off, so just do the same. My second son gave me similar advice a couple of weeks ago when I moaned about aging features, saying I was lovely and should just age gracefully and enjoy myself rather than worry about it.

That’s this reader’s advice!