Friday, April 8, 2011


Regular readers of this blog will know that every week I meet with Prospero to chew the cud over breakfast. Being busy journalists (stop sniggering) the day is never exact but meet we do.

On our last encounter no sooner had I sat down at the table than Prospero entered the bar and pointing at me accusingly shouted – “You’ve changed!”

Now true Prospero is a cantankerous old sod at the best of times and that day obviously wasn’t one of them. He is older than me but sadly no wiser. So what had incurred his ire?

Well before I could find out he wavered his finger at me in what I have to say was an aggressive manner – probably his Argentinean blood – and yelled at me again “You’ve bloody changed!”

Being a reasonable soul I kept my cool and quickly ran through the things I may have changed in my life. My sex – hardly. My style – what style? My hair – difficult. My religion – no I’m still confused. My politics – even more so. My socks – don’t go there!

Eventually when I had calmed him down and laid a breakfast before him between chomping on his mollete con jamón y tomate washed down with gulps of coffee – he said yet again – now almost in tears – “You’ve bloody changed!”

As he wept on my shoulder he revealed the reason for his agitation was that I have changed the style of this blog page. I explained that indeed I had because I had received not complaints rather suggestions from users of iPhones that the white reversed out of black was difficult to read.

This confused the old fart even more. First he refused to believe I have any readers (on that he is probably right) and secondly – what’s an iPhone?

I ordered him another coffee.

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Prospero said...

Much ado about nothing much at all, Sancho, but many thanks for breakfast - it's good to know one earns one's keep.

Just so you know, our common Blogger thingy (do not ask for technical details) has a way for us and our readers (supposing either of has any) to change the colour and/or set up on demand but not at source - so we get to keep our websites as we like 'em, but the (single or married) reader can change it according to taste. It would be great if I could remember how to access this technical wonder but seem to have lost track of it. Probably the coffee's fault...

See you this week for a chewing of the cud.