Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In recent weeks I have been following the progress of the investigations into ‘Pancake the Scouser’.

I don’t think ‘Pancake’ is a person you’d want to bump into on a dark night. Come to that you wouldn’t want to cross his path in daylight either.

The drug trafficking gang led by ‘Pancake the Scouser’ and hence bearing his name is top of the hit list for the police on the Costa del Sol. The drugs and organised crime squad (Udyco) of the National Police believe Pancake was involved in two of the three shootings in Marbella last summer.

As his name suggests ‘Pancake’ has drawn the majority of his gang’s members from Liverpool although others are also from Manchester. They are said to run a world level operation, smuggling drugs, carrying out selective shootings with an organised hierarchy structure.

Apart from drug trafficking the Udyco says the gang is involved in the extortion of businesses on a habitual basis. More than that, investigations have linked ‘Pancake’ to the shooting at Nikki Beach Nightclub on August 23 of last year and the shooting of an Irishman in a bar in Aloha Gardens a day later.

In the case of the Nikki Beach Nightclub shooting it involved a brawl between around 30 people. The man who is said to have fired the shots and his accomplice are being held by the police on attempted murder and the illegal ownership of weapons charges. Officers have indicated the person who fired the gun is Pancake or a member of his gang.

The shooting 24hours later of the Irishman who run the bar in Nueva Andalucía was carried out by a masked gunman. However the police believe the gunman, whilst not the person involved in the Nikki Beach fracas, was also sent by Pancake. There was a third shooting at the end of August when a Briton was gunned down after leaving Solly’s Bar in Puerto Banús. Although gang related the police have yet to link this with the Scouser outfit.

Given the Scouser penchant for violence you can imagine I gave a start when I read the headline ‘Man killed by Pancake”. Reading on I found that whilst it was in no way related it was as equally gory.

The winner of a pancake-eating contest in Russia dropped dead while accepting his prize for gorging on 43 of the banana and cream stuffed desserts. Boris Isayev, 48, died on stage moments after winning the competition to mark the end of Butter Week. The contest, which took place in the town of Chernyakhovsk, is to celebrate the last week before the start of Lent.

Witnesses say Isayev was “the most active participant in the contest” adding that he “ate all the types of pancakes on offer and won fairly”. One witness stated: “He had really enjoyed the pancakes but then he started foaming at the mouth and went down like a sack of stones.”

Hmm. The end result sure sounds like “Pancake the Scouser”.

My niece, who is studying criminology at Uni and who is therefore wiser than her years, wanted to know how he got his name. I have no idea. Merseyside Police certainly know him and referred to him by his real name. SOCA, the serious crime agency, just roared with laughter. I guess if you are a hardened criminal to be laughed at by the old Bill is the greatest possible insult.

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