Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Catholic Church in Spain has launched a campaign to defend the rights of the unborn child.

It has produced a poster that states that the lynx, one of the world’s endangered species, has more protection under the law in Spain than the foetus.

Now this has caused ridicule and anger amongst those who support the extension of the abortion laws in Spain. It has also infuriated ecologists.

In the latter case I share their ire. There is a big enough battle as it is to defend our endangered species and flora without the issue being clouded in this way. I also remember full well that one of the reasons cruelty against animals is so prevalent is that the Catholic Church of old in Spain preached that the lynx and other creatures were not important –because they had no souls.

I am also willing to accept that a woman has a right to an abortion if her life is endangered, because of a medical condition or she has been raped.

But, and oh yes there’s always a but here, I do not accept that because a couple copulated and the girl ended up pregnant or whatever other circumstances prevailed she has the right to end a life just to benefit hers.

I differ from the Catholic Church over contraception plus many of its attitudes to sex but by and large I accept its argument on abortion.

It is estimated that 120,000 foetuses – babies – people like you and me - are aborted in Spain each year. Now the Spanish Government wants to allow girls aged 16 to have an abortion without having to tell her parents.

I am all for human rights. I am all for the rights of women. I support the protection of our flora and fauna. However, isn’t it time we offered protection to the foetuses – the unborn children – because if we don’t speak for them – who will?


Anonymous said...

Probably one of the best ways to reduce the number of abortions is to broaden the use of contraception and avoid unwanted pregnancies.However Pope Benedict announced yesterday that the use of condoms in the fight against aids is useless as the virus can penetrate the condom!!This is irresponsible,utter nonsense and simply a scare tactic.If the church took a more realistic approach to the whole issue of contraception perhaps the aids epedemic that's devestating generations of people in Africa,could be tackled more effectively.

Tony Murphy

Mary said...

I suppose that many young girls glibly accept abortion as part of family planning - as in Russia where it was (is?) the pattern, without thinking of the morality of killing an unborn human being- if it hasn´t smiled at you it
doesn´t exist. I think that only when these young girls have a child under normal family circumstances and feel the pure joy of having created and sweated through the birth of a tiny gurgling enchanting creature do they realise what they have lost and probably spend the rest of their lives with this little cloud hovering in their consciences, wondering wether it would have shared some of the traits of this their " first " baby - how sad - for both of them.