Friday, August 7, 2009


I accept that you dear reader may have your own opinion on this but let me say that as far as I am concerned I am no longer a twit.

It was Ron Callari of Kid Millenium who first suggested that I should sign up with Twitter. I duly did and each day posted my 140 characters worth of wisdom to a waiting cyber world.

Then I linked to the twitters from a leading, respected journalist who has worked with both the BBC and CNN. My first twit from him informed me of the state of his boiled breakfast egg. It may have been a yolk but he was a twit for sending it and was I a twit for reading it?

Hence I decided to twit no more.

Now I read that Twitter suffered major problems on Thursday from hacker attacks in a coordinated campaign against online social networks. The incidents are said to have “underscored the vulnerability of fast-growing Internet social networking sites that have been heralded as powerful new political tools to counter censorship and authoritarianism”.

I accept that Twitter became a key form of communication in Iran amid the protests and clampdown that followed the country’s disputed June elections. However the majority of messages are banal beyond belief and I cannot help think that the hacker did us all a favour even if the twits were only silenced for a couple of hours.

As my granny used to say – If you’ve got nothing useful to say – say nothing – and that would apply to most twitters. Thankfully she never read my blogs.

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Mike said...

Isn't there a saying - "all that twitters..." - if not, there should be.