Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The other day I received an email from a reader that purported to come from a doctor in Peru. May be it does – may be it doesn’t – however what it does do is raise some interesting questions over the Swine Flu Panic-demic.

The text is in Spanish and I have edited it for brevity but the email asks:

“What interests? What economic move is behind swine flu?

In the world, two million people die each year victims of malaria, which can be prevented by a mosquito net.

And the news says nothing of this.

In the world, two million children die every year from diarrhoea, and these boys and girls could be cured with an oral serum costing 25 cents.

And the news says nothing of this.

Measles, pneumonia and other diseases that can be cured with cheap vaccines cause the death of ten million people worldwide each year.

And the news reports nothing.

But then the famous bird flu appeared.

The global media was flooded; tons of ink was used spreading the news and alarm...

Not just an epidemic but the most dangerous of all... a pandemic.

And yet the avian influenza only caused the death of 250 people around the world - 250 killed during 10 years, which gives an average of 25 victims per year.

The common flu kills half a million people each year worldwide.

Half a million against 25.

The pharmaceutical transnational Roche with its famous Tamiflu sold a million doses to the Asian countries.

Although the Tamiflu is of dubious effectiveness, the British Government bought 14 million doses to protect to its population.

With chicken flu, Roche and Relenza, two large pharmaceutical companies sold these anti-virals, making billions of dollars in earnings.

As with the chickens and now with the pigs.

Yes, now begins the swine flu psychosis. And the world news speaks only of this.

Look at what Executive Laboratories Roche says:

We are concerned very much by this epidemic therefore we put to the sale the miraculous Tamiflu.

And for how much do you sell the "miraculous" Tamiflu?

Well, let's see... $50 the box.

What $ 50? What a box of pills?

Understand, Madam... miracles are very expensive.”

Well the email goes on to draw its own conclusions but I am sure you have conclusions enough of your own. I also have to say that the price of Tamiflu I found on the internet was far higher than $50.

What is certain is that the biggest distributor of swine flu is the world media intent on bringing this Panic-demic in to your homes. And who benefits financially? Certainly not me and I doubt if it’s you!


chiripi said...

extraordinary business ... I have agreed with every word i have read written by this Sancho Prson! How lucky we are to have him in amongst us. Thank you Sancho.

Anonymous said...

... to say nothing of road traffic accidents. I think I have agreed with every word I have read written by this Sancho monstro. Thank you for being in amongst us. Best wishes

'Sancho' said...

Thank you for the kind words but somehow I suspect the comments were somewhat tongue in cheek - or written from beyond the grave by my mother!

Anonymous said...

The more illness there is in the world - the more the drugs companies profit - which is sick!