Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Across the Spanish border from Gibraltar lies La Línea. The mayor, Juan Carlos Juárez, has called on the Trilateral Forum between Britain, Spain and the Rock to explore the creation of a bilingual cross-border university that will tap the region’s “rich and unique linguistic characteristics”.

In a statement Juárez said the university could draw on the backing of higher-education establishments in both Spain and the UK. “The unique circumstances of La Linea and Gibraltar offer a multitude of areas that could be promoted, for example higher education.”

All very true but when Juárez says bilingual what languages does he mean?

In La Línea they speak Spanish (Castilian), Andaluz and those who work in Gibraltar a dockyard patois of both Spanish and English plus Linense. In Gibraltar they speak English, Spanish although more often than not Andaluz and the Rock’s own language, Llanito.

So which two did he have in mind?

As they say in Gibraltar – “Esta tomate”.


Prospero said...

Good thinking in this post, as always. But did you mention Arabic and Hebrew? Or Urdu, or Hindi?
Sorry, but Juárez just loves to appear in the papel. From as far back as his GIL(andfemalechickens) days.

Mary said...

I wouldn´t trust anything that Jaurez wants to set up, you can bet your bottom dollar that his side of the agreement would founder before the footings were in.

JUAN JOSE said...

Juarez, La Linea's GIL Alcalde, has 2 chicks: With one, he showed respect and opened up Ayuntamiento of La Linea completely to good political and commercial relations with Gibraltar and it's people at the time when Partido Popular's Aznar was leading Spain, on the second one he is all anti Gib, a character he must show while the Spanish president is PSOE Socialist. Unfortunately the same attitude was shown by his socialists counterpart while Aznar was president; One can never forget the damaged done by the Gobernadores Militares of those PSOE days.., neither the 2-6 hours queues. Thank God that not La Linea's people nor Campo de Gibraltar's enjoy their same attitudes. ASCTEG Spanish Workers Association Delegate jj uceda