Thursday, June 10, 2010


There is no doubt that the oil giant BP has serious questions to answer in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill – probably the worst in US history.

Yet BP’s Tony Hayward is on the spot not dodging the issue heading the company’s efforts to stem the leak and then clear up the mess.

However I believe two other companies, both American, are also involved in this disaster – one of whom owns the rig that blew up killing workers. Heaven forbid they should be left out of this oily equation.

I am puzzled that President Obama instead of backing BP to find a solution to this appalling problem is more intent on kicking arse instead.

In the process he is driving down the BP share price and so hitting pensioners in his own country and the UK whose funds have collapsed largely under his onslaught.

Whatever the end result of this most tragic disaster it will be insignificant compared to the Bhopal gas explosion in 1984 in which 20,000 Indians lost their lives and 500,000 had their health destroyed.

The US company Union Carbide was responsible and the US government arranged for its chief executive Warren Anderson to flee the country never to face justice.

So before we leap to judgement in the Obama-style let us compare the actions of BP and Tony Hayward with those of Union Carbide and Warren Anderson – and then pronounce who is the slick operator.


PROSPERO said...

But Bhopal doesn't matter! Union Carbide only killed or mutilated several hundred thousand poor Indians. What's that compared to a few American pelicans?

James said...

Being Americans they probably thought they were Red Indians!

Lenox said...

I think that BP might consider dropping the 'B' which is getting us brits into trouble. They could just call themselves 'P'.

Simon said...

Good post.

This is a quote from bitingly satirical The Daily Mash:

"And as the White House threatened legal action against BP but none of the American companies it was working with, Britons who just 18 months ago were cheering on the Obama campaign have this week found themselves quietly typing the word 'Bhopal' into Google."