Saturday, January 9, 2010


As I walked through Ronda the other day I spotted a poster on a shop door telling me that there was going to be a talk at the Casa de Cultura for all those who believed in life after death.

Well as a Catholic agnostic I guess I fall in to that category although more in hope than conviction that this life isn’t it and there’s more to come albeit in a spiritual form.

But I had to chuckle when I read that Gibraltar’s Financial Services Commission had issued a public warning on the Reincarnation Bank. It was or is an unlicensed bank operating a web-site owned by 2i Ltd, a Gibraltar Company.

The FSC warning follows the successful application by the FSC to the Supreme Court for an injunction against the defendant from disposing of any assets or monies which he may have control over.

The FSC adds that it maintains that “Reincarnation Bank was holding itself out as deposit-taker under the Financial Services (Banking) Act without holding an authorisation to do, which is an offence under that Act. In order to protect any depositors who may have placed funds with this institution the FSC sought to protect the monies already at the account and seek further disclosure of the affairs of the defendant.”

Apparently the bank’s website claimed that “Reincarnation Bank is a banking facility for all believers of Reincarnation. The Bank offers a safe and secure management system for its clients a place they can leave behind their assets and commodities for the return into their next life.”

You have to laugh and even question would anybody be so stupid as to deposit their money or assets with any bank in the hope they could then use them in some future life. Then the old saying - a fool and his money are soon parted came to mind – so the answer is probably – yes there was!

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Mary said...

When I read that title I thought " Oh my God- Walt Disney has defrosted"