Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have previously dedicated two of my blogs to Kidd Millennium – the first almost a year ago. He can also be seen on the Tilting At Windmills Blog page doing just that – tilting at windmills.

If you are new to the Kidd then let me tell you he is older than his years, because he has already brought us a deep insight into two terms of George Dubya.

The Kidd is the brain child of Ron Callari and more recently he has been fleshed out by my old friend Jon Donohoe.

In my first blog Ron told us that: “On January 1, 2001, kidd emerged as a full-blown character and an ongoing, self-proclaimed spokes-kid for the next generation. Estimated at 3.9 million American children, societal forecasters believe that this new population group (born post 2000) will eclipse the attention of the boomers, the last major bubble to have moved through the population funnel. Based on that premise, kidd millennium comments, with attitude, on his brave new world from a narcissistic and questioning point of view. The weekly cartoons present an editorial perspective of topical issues in today's society, this side of the millennium. Similar to a cartoon character that emerged over a 100 years ago, called the Yellow Kid, kidd millennium satirizes the social and political foibles of the day.”

Up till now the Kidd has only appeared on a website loving cared for by Ron and Jon. Now he is available in book form too. I have to say I like my books in the traditional format - but hey this is the Kidd we are talking about so you can read all about the Crude Behaviour of the Bush years on the new fangled Kindle.

To read all about it or even better buy it just visit the Amazon Kindle store by clicking here.

The Kidd has assured me that the small amount it costs will not go to his head – but I am not sure the same can be said for Ron or Jon!

PS: According to Amazon the book was illustrated by Jan not Jon. Maybe Jon has undergone a sex change – in which case he’ll be the first truly bearded lady!



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