Saturday, January 10, 2009


As the second Bush era draws to a close and the age of Obama dawns you may want to keep abreast of events in the USA through a keen eye.

Let me introduce you to Kidd Millennium, who is older than his years, because he has already brought us a deep insight into two terms of George Dubya. Enough to age the best of men (and women)!

The Kidd is the brain child (pun intended) of Ron Callari and more recently he has been fleshed out by my old friend (well he’s older than me) Jon Donohoe.

Ron tells it that: “On January 1, 2001, kidd emerged as a full-blown character and an ongoing, self-proclaimed spokes-kid for the next generation. Estimated at 3.9 million American children, societal forecasters believe that this new population group (born post 2000) will eclipse the attention of the boomers, the last major bubble to have moved through the population funnel. Based on that premise, kidd millennium comments, with attitude, on his brave new world from a narcissistic and questioning point of view. The weekly cartoons present an editorial perspective of topical issues in today's society, this side of the millennium. Similar to a cartoon character that emerged over a 100 years ago, called the Yellow Kid, kidd millennium satirizes the social and political foibles of the day.”

Ron contacted over 1,000 illustrators world-wide to see who was worthy of the challenge of bringing the Kidd to life. Since 2004 Jon has performed that task having told Ron at the time: "The Irish generally do not hold a high regard for George Dubya." And with those words of wisdom a highly creative partnership was born.

By the by, Ron has never met Jon or his predecessor Jack Pittman – all this stunning work has been achieved over the internet.

Now the search is on for O’Bama’s Irish roots. My theory is that the homestead is in Barna in County Galway, a slip of the pen over the centuries accounting for the slight name change, but then what do I know?

Whilst they sort out that mystery I commend you to visit
– for ‘comments with attitude’ on our shared future under President Barrack.

Yes – comments with attitude with no dribble or drivel in sight - I kid you not!

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