Friday, January 16, 2009


Spain has always been famous for the ‘Cobrador del Frac’, the gentleman dressed in a top hat and morning suit who turn up on the doorstep of those who have not paid their debts.

I also remember hearing on Spanish radio a good few years ago of a company that sent its debt collectors out dressed as the Pink Panther or other film figures such as Bat Man. They would both visit the premises of the company or person owing money and also follow him or her through the streets.

This struck me as very inventive and rather scary. However I now concede they are old hat or old battered top hat.

A debt collection company in Lithuania is promising to work its magic for those owed money but hiring a witch. Skolu Isieskojimo Biuras in Vilna has contracted Vilija Lobaciuviene, the most famous witch in the Baltic State.

The director of the company says that certain people are using the economic crisis as an excuse to avoid paying their debts. Now Vilija will cast her spells on them.

Needless to say, not everybody is impressed. Columnist Monika Bonckute says it is a return to the age of the occult.

He may be right but if a warty witch threatened to turn me in to a toad – I think I’d pay up.

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