Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There is little to cheer us as 2009 starts what with the economic crisis and the human tragedy in Gaza. The one bright light on the horizon is that we’ll soon be waving farewell to George W Bush.

That light has been somewhat eclipsed by Dubya’s father, the previous president George Bush. He is still intent on creating a lasting Bush dynasty and wants his other son, Jeb, to take his seat in the Oval Office.

Jeb, you will remember, was the former Governor of Florida. His 84-year-old father, who was the nation’s 41 st president, accepts that now is not the time for a Bush to run for office as both the USA and wider world are Bush whacked!

None-the-less he says he would like to see Jeb mount a campaign for the presidency. He says he is competent and has all the skills to take on the job. Did he say the same about Dubya?

Just as you thought it was safe to go back in to the water ... Jeb!

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Prospero said...

Our friend Sancho has been tilting at the Bush wind mill on his blog. That and more, as he seems to have a bottomless barrel of thoughtful insight (not to mention opinions). This, of course, makes our other friend, Alexander Bewick, quite envious as he, Alex, only gets to blog occasionally.

(For AB’s words of wisdom go to the links section)