Saturday, January 31, 2009


“Es correcto, se están llevando a cabo trabajos de prospección de suelo para saber si el lugar reúne las condiciones para construir un pantano, el muro de contención estaría ubicado un poco antes del Dorado, con lo que probablemente el arroyo de las gallinas quedaría inundado.

Desde hace un par de semanas estamos detrás del tema, reuniendoinformación sobre el posible proyecto ya que todo esta bastante oculto y en los boletines oficiales no aparece nada al respecto, con lo que por ahora todo hace indicar que son catas de suelo y mediciones para la viabilidad del proyecto.

La información extraoficial que tenemos es que el agua del pantano estaría destinada a Sotogrande, las urbanizaciones de la costa y el posible campo de golf de san pablo, de todas formas ya hemos informado a los grupos ecologistas para investigar conjuntamente y estar al tanto.”

The above message from Fran Gómez of the Izquierda Unida in Jimena is the news that the residents of Arroyo de las Gallinas did not want to hear. There have been rumours that plans were afoot to turn the valley in to a giant reservoir but until the drilling machines turned up nobody wanted to believe it.

The Arroyo de la Gallinas is a beautiful secluded valley that starts in Gaucín then crosses the boundary between Málaga and Cádiz and runs for several kilometres in Jimena de la Frontera. The plans have been kept secret but the plan is plain enough – to send water to Sotogrande and the Costa del Sol with a large dam wall by the El Dorado farm school.

If the valley is flooded all the people who live and draw their livelihood there will be forced out.

Out will go ‘Capricho’ – a man in his 80s whose family have farmed the valley for generations and live there still.

Out will go ‘Lute’ – who tends thousands of orange trees on large plantations and lives in the valley with his young family.

Out will go Dominic – whose family have lived in the valley for 12 years – he pleads: “I don’t want to loose my home.”

The problem has been the scheme to destroy the valley and their homes has been kept secret - none of those living there have been consulted. The majority are fighting back by withholding permission for the drilling teams to enter their land. Now, with this dreadful scheme made public, they can fight the nameless bureaucrats out in the open.


Anonymous said...

How dreadful all these people could loose their homes and not be told about it. Hope they win their fight!

Juan Antonio said...

¡Salva el valle!

Anonymous said...

This is what MEPs are all about.
Get a petition started.

Anonymous said...

Ola de Escocia,
This is one of those profound problems which need the wisdom of Solomon. On one hand we have many seriously hard working folk who only wish to get on with coping with "the downturn" and on the other we have the same people who thanks to decades of relentless development of the Costa require enhancement of water supplies which are in real danger of being run dry. Water is needed not only for domestic use, but also for the infrastructure of industry and agriculture which has flourished with the influx of foreign investment. It might be difficult to find a site for a reservoir which does not already contain people living in houses and providing employment.If it is absolutely essential to flood some areas of land the best we can hope for is that displacement of residents is minimised through considerate and intelligent planning.Or is that not possible nowadays due to the louder demands of avarice and greed ?