Tuesday, January 20, 2009


El jefe militar de las FARC colombianas ha prohibido las relaciones de pareja entre los guerrilleros para frenar las numerosas deserciones de enamorados.

A curious tale this. According to the Bogota newspaper ‘El Tiempo’ the top man in the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, better known as FARC, has banned the male and female guerrillas from forming romantic relationships. In this way Mono Jojoy, alias Jorge Briceño, hopes to eliminate the large number of desertions from the terrorist group by members who become lovers. Indeed last year alone FARC is said to have lost 3,500 members to romance.

Now as far as I am aware from the various police reports detailing ETA arrests there are often romantic partnerships or marriages between this organisation’s terrorists.

In contrast when I lived in Ireland the IRA and other paramilitary groups seemed to be male dominated but I suspect there were women in the background in “support roles”.


Well whilst Mono Jojoy might insist that “hace la Guerra, no el amor” might solve his man-woman power problems – for the wider world “make love not war” should be the mantra to bring the peace we all desire.

The trouble is that the majority of terrorists are fuelled by the dogma of hate so love, as we know it, is an unknown quality to them.

I guess they just hate to love and love to hate – except in FARC!

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