Thursday, January 8, 2009


There is no shortage of wind turbines in Andalucía especially in the Tarifa area. Keep a very close eye on them!

From Conisholme, Lincolnshire, in England comes news that a wind turbine has been destroyed and the blame is being laid at the tentacles of a UFO.

Local residents say they saw a bizarre tentacle-shaped UFO above the wind farm on the night before the wind turbine was mysteriously destroyed. They report that they were woken by the smash after strange lights were spotted streaking towards the 290ft-tall generator on a wind farm.

One witness told of how he looked out of his landing window and saw a massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground over the wind farm. “It was huge. With the tentacles it looked just like an octopus.”

Baffled power chiefs are investigating in incident that left one of the wind turbine’s giant 65ft blades torn off.

There is an added mystery. There is no trace of the missing blade.

The truth is out there - and with it a giant turbine blade!

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