Sunday, January 4, 2009


In his introduction to Francisco Rubiales book, “Políticos, Los Nuevos Amos”, the former Spanish government minister Manuel Pimental writes in his introduction: “Políticos, los nuevos amos afronta el problema de la degradación del poder con extraordinaria valentía, claridad y profundidad”.

Pimentel goes on to recommend the book to presidents, ministers, those holding political office, party activities and all citizens who are anxious and worried by the state of democracy. He adds that it is a tough book, free, holding political correctness in contempt, has the ability to provoke thought and strikes hard blows to the reader’s conscience.”

The main thrust of the book is that: “Existe un componente depredador y rastrero en el concepto de poder que nunca ha abandonado el escenario a lo largo de los siglos. Unas clases dominantes suceden a otras y cada época establece sus sistemas de dominación y sus reglas, pero el poder, aunque disfrazado, sigue siendo el mismo: depredador, al servicio de las élites, implacable y utilizado sólo por los amos como instrumento para dominar y sojuzgar”.

Now regular readers of my blog will know that I often refer to Francisco Rubiales blog ‘Voto en Blanco’ and pick up on themes that he and his writers debate. I also urge all my readers to read these thoughts and views, many of which deal with citizens’ impotency in a democracy that has been hijacked by the politicians.

I believe that it is important for all thinking foreign residents in Spain to engage with blogs such as ‘Voto en Blanco’ to get a feel for the views and thoughts being debated by the country’s writers and concerned citizens. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t argue that you should accept Francisco’s or his writers’ views but you should feel free to argue and debate them online.

Let’s be frank, if Francisco is correct and the politicians have kidnapped politics then we must keep democracy alive through freedom of speech and the right to debate freely.

Therefore it is important that we all make our voices heard.

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