Monday, March 7, 2011


Some years ago I was involved with an amateur theatre which had its own bar area. After rehearsals or performances actors with a modicum of talent who had taken to the stage started drinking sessions which ended in behaviour that was totally unacceptable. They were tolerated, even lauded by some, because they’re “artists” – so we have to indulge them. Of course if a paying customer to the theatre had behaved in such a manner they would have been thrown out on their ear – and quite rightly too.

This came to mind when I saw remarks by Beatriz de Orleans. She in case you didn’t know – and I didn’t – is the director of communications for Dior in Spain.

In an interview with Concha García Campoy she has leapt to the defence of the fashion house’s sacked designer John Galliano. She purrs that “he is a genius”, we have to “respect his talent” and “we have all been very drunk some day”.

Of course for the majority of woman and mankind the work of fashion designers like Galliano passes us by. Our budget only allows us to by off the peg sensible clothes. For many millions they are so poor they live in rags. Those of us who do see his bizarre creations dismiss them as frippery.

What Beatriz and those of her ilk fail to recognise is that a person who sits on a bar stool and loudly voices anti-Semitic insults and broadcasts his admiration for Hitler isn’t a tortured talented genius – he or she is a racist.

It is not the drink or drugs or a combination of both that puts these words into his or her mouth it just gives them the Dutch courage to speak what they believe openly.

Hitler was probably a handy man to have around the house if you wanted the front room decorated. However the vast majority of us wouldn’t give him or Galliano house room.

Whether Beatriz de Orleans would, is of course, another matter.


Prospero said...

Excellent article yet again, Sancho! The Romans had it very clear: 'In vino, veritas.' Something like 'There is truth in wine.'
Of course, it all depends on how much vino, because, if truth be known, I've yet to hear anything interesting coming out of the mouth of a drunk.
As for Galliano, good riddance, may he and his talent be shipped back to his native Gibraltar, where, as you put it so well recently, the various communities get on in peace and harmony as an example to the world.

Anonymous said...

Old Gaddaffi looks as if he has been dressed by Galliano don’t you think?