Friday, March 11, 2011


Now here’s a strange tale. A 39-year-old man was recently arrested by police in Madrid after he left his son in his car whilst he visited a brothel in Fuenlabrada.

The father has been charged of abandoning a minor. It is alleged he left his son for over an hour whilst he went to the ‘club de alterne’ nearby.

The crying and calls of the youngster locked inside the vehicle were heard by a man who was out running as he passed by. He alerted the National Police who sent a patrol.

It was around 21.00 when officers arrived at the scene. The doors of the car were locked, the windows closed and the street temperature was three degrees centigrade.

Officers asked the boy through the windows if he knew where his father was? The boy told them he said he’d be gone for just five minutes but hadn’t returned and he was cold. The police visited nearby businesses finally arriving at the brothel where the father was with a woman.

The man, who has previous convictions, was arrested and taken to the police HQ. After appearing in court he was released on bail but ordered to present himself to the police every two weeks.

I’ve heard of a child being left outside a pub in England whilst the father or mother or indeed both downed drinks inside – but a brothel! Words fail me!


Simon said...

A friend is the day manager of one of these establishments just up the coast.

She told me that a chap once came in and asked the price so she told him how much it would be for an hour and for half an hour.

He asked how much it would be for 10 minutes - she said that it would be the same as for half an hour and anyway why did he only want 10 minutes?

"My wife's next door in Mercadona doing the shopping" he said "she hasn't got much to do..."

Anonymous said...

I read your ‘Brothel visit’ story in total amazement, as you say ‘words fail me!’ But what of the child’s mother, where was she in this, or perhaps she wasn’t. Many years ago in Amsterdam, where queues frequently formed by the canals while cars waited for delivery vans to unload at the various bars, one car driver, enticed by a young lady sitting in the nearby window displaying her wares, decided to take advantage of the delay and popped in for a quickie. This being Amsterdam there was a lot of hooting and comment calling from the other drivers in the queue.