Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Eight years ago Madrid and wider Spain witnessed major demonstrations against the country’s involvement in the war in Iraq. Last Saturday the protestors returned to the streets of the nation’s capital this time to denounce Spain’s support of the military intervention in Libya.

Behind the banner “No a la Guerra” the marchers included the Izquierda Unida MP, Gaspar Llamazares, actors Alberto San Juan, Guillermo Toldeo and Juan Diego Botto plus the singer Germán Coppini. They were joined by other leading figures from the world of politics and culture.

The organisers say the purpose of the march was to bring thousands of people out on to the street with a twin message – no to foreign military intervention in Libya – and – no to the Muamar Gaddafi dictatorship.

Julio Rodríguez Bueno, president of Paz Ahora, one of the pacifist organisers of the demonstration considers that the foreign military intervention is the support for a campaign of lies. He compared it with the action against Saddam Hussein who was accused of having weapons of mass destruction and being a supporter of Al Qaeda.

From another viewpoint the IU’s social movement organizer, Fran Pérez, believes the conflict in Libya is “a war for petroleum”. He added the aim was to ferment civil war so that military intervention could be used in an imperialist project to dominate natural resources.

Indeed the people of Libya are lucky they have oil on their side. This saw the USA and western nations scuttling in to save them whilst those in Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and Yemen are left to fend for themselves as their countries are as dry as the desert sands.

One pundit observed nations do not back causes they only intervene when their national interests and/or vital resource supplies are threatened.

Let the people of Benghazi give thanks nor for Sarkozy but liquid gold!


Tony Murphy said...

If the message is no to intervention and no to the regime of Gaddafi then how should this be achieved? Should we sit on our hands and watch as yet another dictator murders his own people.With the best will in the world the rebels would have no chance without outside help.Yes the Libyan have the right to self determination but in such an uneven fight the outcome would inevitably be a massacre.Just once can the decision be to do the right thing without an eye on the resources of those who need the help.

Mary said...

I should dearly like to imagine that Politicians for just once are acting nobly- therefore no arms, no ground forces, just enough intervention to prevent Gadaffis massacre of his own and let the Libyan people themselves fight their own fight, whatever the outcome. Without that their victory is a hollow one. God help America or anyone else should it be discovered that they have manipulated the people of Libya for their own ends- i.e. oil.