Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have written here before about my unshakable belief that we do not have the right to kill the unborn foetus – and that an unborn child has the God given right to live.

I am prepared to make allowances in certain circumstances for abortions – such as when there is a threat to the life or health of the mother.

I also accept contraception and the use of condoms to fight Aids.

I defend the rights of women but I do not believe that abortion should be used as a belated form of contraception.

I firmly believe that unless we are willing to defend the rights of the unborn child – who on earth will?

Having fought mentally and physically for my own son to survive when he was born under two pounds, was feared to be on the brink of death on numerous occasions, lived in an incubator for months before finally winning through, I for one am prepared to fight for anyone’s right to life.

Hence perhaps it is symbolic that a DAV campaigner, Jaime, who shares the same name as my son was brutally beaten in Terrol as he collected signatures for the petition. He said he is fine except when he looks in the mirror...and carried on campaigning declaring it is his conscience that dictates his actions and not thugs.

Last Saturday, April 25, ‘Derecho a Vivir’ from Algeciras and La Línea collected signatures for a petition against the proposed abortion law in those two towns and in Tarifa. Over 2,000 people signed in three hours.

This campaign was carried out in the major towns and cities of Spain with the aim of reaching 112,138 signatures in a day – a symbolic figure as that is how many abortions were performed in this country in 2007. In the event over 200,000 people signed.

It is perhaps apt that in Cádiz province, the birthplace of the Minister of Equality, Bibiana Aído, there are more DAV groups than anywhere else in Spain other than Madrid. Whilst she promotes her abortion law she has been slow to condemn those who broke the law of the land by attacking Jaime on the street in Terrol in the name of her proposals.

To learn more about this very real battle for the right to live visit the DAV website at http://derechoavivir.org – and if you feel able to pledge your support – do. It’s a matter of life or death.

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Thanks for supporting this important campaign!