Monday, April 27, 2009


If you live like I do in Andalucía then your new minister of public works and transport is Rosa Aguilar.

She is said to be a charismatic person – may be that is the reason why the new president of the Andalucía government, José Antonio Griñán, wanted her onboard.

However in taking up her post she has abandoned the people of Córdoba who she served as mayor. She was born in that city in 1957, she has been both an Andalucía and Spanish MP for that province and since 1999 has been the mayor of Córdoba. She was the first woman to win the post and led the far left Izquierda Unida to victory over the centre right Partido Popular.

The reason that Aguilar is now under fire is two fold. First she promised the people of Córdoba that she would serve them at least till her current mandate ended. Instead she has left them in the lurch at a time of economic crisis.

Secondly – whilst she was mayor under the banner of Izquierda Unida – she now has abandoned that party and joined the socialist government of Griñán as an independent.

She says her switch to the Andalucía government was “a personal decision”. Indeed it was. It was fired by personal ambition and to hell with the people who had voted her in to steer their city through these troubled times or the chaos she has left behind her in what was her party.

The former leader of the IU, Julio Anguita, hit the nail on the head. He said that Rosa Aguilar has shown a lack of loyalty to the ‘cordobeses’ by promising to stay for four years and quitting after two.

He might have added that she did it to fuel her own ambition – he didn’t – so I will say it for him.

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Ray said...

Politicians and kept promises do not mix!