Thursday, April 2, 2009


According to media reports Spain’s Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, has urged the Partido Popular to stop making politics over Gibraltar and to support the PSOE government’s efforts “for the full recovery of the sovereignty of the Rock.”

Given that it is Spain’s declared intention to regain its sovereignty of Gibraltar later if not sooner I find nothing wrong with that statement – except for one thing. I presume by Madrid’s efforts he means the Tripartite Process, the Córdoba Agreements and so on.


However I was under the impression that these negotiations and agreements were to develop ties and co-operation between Spain and Gibraltar. Nobody has publicly stated that is was all part of the process of “the full recovery of the sovereignty of the Rock.” Perhaps even the Partido Popular didn’t know.

The question is did Gibraltar’s chief minister, Peter Caruana, and the British Foreign Secretary, David Millipede?

Of course Gibraltar’s GSLP leader, Joe Bossano, his presumed heir elect, Fabian Picardo, the leader of the Liberals Dr Joseph Garcia and the Rock’s apes have always suspected this was so – but then they would, wouldn’t they!

They of little faith have had their faith restored.

As I have stated oft times before I do not care what future status Gibraltar opts for – but – yes its one of my buts again – whatever that future is it has to have the full agreement of the people of the Rock. Hence if I was Miguel Angel I would stop worrying about the Partido Popular and instead concentrate more on the 30,000 Llanitos who don’t support his government’s “hidden” efforts either!

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