Monday, May 11, 2009


Mrs Thatcher in her time as Prime Minister was not noted for dodging the big issues but she did duck one and British politicians are paying the cost this very day.

It was Mrs T who refused to revise the salaries of MPs so they received proper remuneration. As time passed by she and other Prime Ministers refused to grasp the nettle but increased the expenses that MPs could claim as a form of compensation for the low pay.

We and MPs are now paying the price – because whilst many politicians have been caught lining their pockets at the tax payers’ expense it is our very system of democracy that is taking a battering.

Tinkering with the various allowances will not solve the problem.

The British public have to accept that its politicians deserve a fair days wage for their work. That will mean that in these times of economic restraint they will have to receive very large pay increases indeed.

However - out of the window should go all the expense claims and perks that currently go with the job. The pay rise may make many wince but when the sums are added up we will be quids in.

One other provision is required too: in future decisions over MPs pay and what they can receive in allowances should be taken out of their hands and placed with an independent body.

I do believe that the majority of MPs are hard working and honest. The sleazebags must not be allowed to plead “it’s within the rules”. Once their package is regularised those who break the law should end up in prison.

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'Sancho' said...

Sorry –have been having internet connection problems so no postings have been shown. The following two readers emailed me directly.

Anon wrote:

All MPs are crooks. They should serve a term - not in parliament but in jail!

Marcus wrote:

Yes the entre package for our politicians should be torn up and started again. Problem for the MPs is that their standing is so low the British public wouldn’t give them anything. Undoubtedly many will be unemployed this time next year and not a day soon enough.