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It was back on December 4 that I dedicated a blog to El Mocito Feliz. So as not to repeat myself I have reprinted it below. Now word reaches me that El Mocito could combine his role as an unlikely TV star with that of a singer – and provide us with “the hit of the summer”. The title is “Olé Mocito” and quite a catchy little number it is too. Mocito with his song can be viewed above on a video produced by Druida Producciones in Málaga. If you want more El Mocito – and who doesn’t – then check out his website at: - ¡Olé!

December 4 2008 - EL MOCITO FELIZ

On Tuesday I was researching a report on Julián Muñoz when I came across a photograph of him leaving Alhaurín de la Torre prison. Next to the disgraced former mayor of Marbella was a larger than life character who I’d seen often on television but had no idea who he was or what he was doing there.

As I know more about Julián Muñoz than most men do about their wives I decided to concentrate my attentions on the imbecile next to him.

I had presumed he was promoting a newspaper as he always appeared when news cameras were around and had a front cover pinned to his coat. No luck there because when I Googled the name of the newspaper – something Colectivo – all I learned was that Colectivo is the largest bus company in Argentina.

In the latest photo I also noticed he had a copy of Tu Barrio with his picture on the cover plus the headline – Mocito Feliz. Surely that couldn’t be his name – but it is!

Actually the real name of Mocito Feliz is Enrique Jiménez and he comes from Málaga where he was born by all accounts at an early age. His great claim to fame is that he can sing 20 songs in a minute. The reason I couldn’t track down El Colectivo is that it is a newspaper in Almeria which many years ago printed a detailed interview with Mocito Feliz. I have no idea whether the newspaper still exists but Mocito Feliz has his copy wrapped in plastic and proudly displays it wherever he goes.

Watch out for him on TV news clips or programmes such as RTE’s ‘Gente’ and you will see him appear in the background of interviews with famous personages such as Muñoz, Pantoja and Ortega Cano. He’s usually dressed the same, although sometimes as Father Christmas – Papa Noel, always has a happy smile on his face and knows where the cameras will be.

One mystery is how he manages to afford to be in the right place at the right time given that he has no obvious means of income. I have read that it is rumoured that he has sold his body for medical research after his death – but given the number of places he pops up in they must have paid him a fortune for his eventual remains.

According to Telecinco his ambition is to be better known than “Manolo el del bombo”. I think he’s probably already there. He’s certainly more fun - so watch out for him on a Spanish TV screen soon – you can’t miss him!

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