Tuesday, May 26, 2009


San Pablo de Buceite – before, during and what comes after?

I recently printed an open letter sent by a long term resident of San Pablo de Buceite to the president of the village administration and Jimena councillor – Andrés Beffa. Although it was sent a year ago the courtesy of a reply was never forthcoming…so what’s new?

Well what’s new is that the works have started on creating the new San Pablo – dare we suggest in Andrés Beffa’s image and likeness.

Andrés Beffa says the village fully support the works – the villagers mumble "no we don’t."

Where will the old men of the village huddle for shade next year? They are currently behind the rubbish bins!

Is the work being carried out by local unemployed people? – Apparently not unless you count Granada as local.

Gone are the charming orange trees –the very symbol of San Pablo’s heritage and existence.

And if you want to send a letter in protest – the post box has been sealed since March.

Meanwhile urgent projects go unfunded such as the local school, the lack of a sewage treatment plant – but hey, we’ve got a modern plaza on the way.


Anonymous said...

Jobs for the boys. Watch the local Mercedes saleroom.

Hazel Reed said...

I travel to San Pablo quite often to eat in the local venta - restaurant. I can understand the village wanting a plaza where all can gather, relax, hold events but I fear this 'fracaso' isn't it.

Stephen said...

In such a small community surely the local people and residents associations were consulted. Were they? Did they speak out?