Thursday, May 7, 2009


I do not believe in the death penalty so would not wish to see the British woman, Samantha Orobator, shot for smuggling heroin in to Laos.

It is said that because she is pregnant she will escape that fate.

She was arrested in August and is five-months pregnant so you do not have to be a mathematician, which I am not, to be able to work out that she entered that state whilst in jail.

As she and her lawyers have not cried rape – I presume her becoming pregnant was love or lust behind bars – or perhaps a cynical attempt to escape the firing squad.

I agree the 20-year-old must have a fair trial and access to a legal team.

If she is innocent – then she should go free in to the arms of her distraught mother in Dublin.

If she is guilty – then they should lock her up and throw away the key.

No death sentence and I say that in the full knowledge that the 1.5 lbs of heroin she is accused of smuggling would have spelt a death sentence – sooner or later – for an addict or addicts.

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As long as there are desperate or gullible people,drug smuggling,even under threat of a death sentence, will continue.There is an interesting series on Sky called Banged Up Abroad.The programme is about Brits who have fallen foul of the law in foreign countries.In almost all cases they are caught trying to smuggle drugs.In many instances,particularly in the far East,young backpackers,who have run out of money are approached by locals looking for "mules",and for as little as €1000 they take a risk that could destroy their lives or even end them.
Recently a young British man was caught trying to smuggle cocaine out of Venezuela.His story was that he was trying to find a way to pay off his debts.Now he will spend 15 years in one of the worlds worst prisons where his life will be constantly at risk from other inmates.
The death penalty is obviously no deterrent for the desperate and the stupid.

Tony Murphy