Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today I beg a question – is the old saying true - do only the good die young?

I ask it because whether you watch the Spanish, British or US news all too frequently a young member of the military is lost in action or a school child is slain.

In every case that I have heard reported the soldier, sailor or air force member was an exemplary service person. Every child was a popular, outstanding student with a bright future ahead.

Now I know it is said – never speak ill of the dead – but what about the truth?

Is never the barrack room lawyer, the social misfit, the stroppy lad or lassie killed in battle?

Does the class dunce or the school bully never meet a tragic untimely end?

It doesn’t stop them being a hero or their death being widely mourned – I just can’t believe it’s only the very good who die so very young.

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Anonymous said...

I expect you are right - its the wish to not speak ill of the dead.I too believe that those killed in Iraq or Afghanistan are heroes - but - surely not all exemplary soldiers. To face the terrorists in hand to hand combat you need an edge - if they were not in uniform they would probably be described as louts.