Sunday, February 15, 2009


As a rule I do not blog on Sundays. I believe that like God you deserve a rest on the seventh day. Come to that so do I.

However rules are made to be broken and today I bring you important news.

It would appear that a man with super powers has appeared – and in Madrid come to that.

No I am not talking of our esteemed premier ‘Z’ or Papa and the Partido Popular Smurfs.

I refer to Johan Lorbeer who, as his name suggests, is actually German.

Sorry, excuse me – pardon – no HE wasn’t German HE was Austrian.

Now where was I, ah yes, Johan Lorbeer is an artist and fine arts professor at the University of Berlin. In various places in the Spanish capital he has been defying gravity before people’s eyes in the street. To see what I mean click on the video above which I believe was filmed at Atocha. His work is called Tarzan Standing.

I know our hope for the future is meant to be Barack Obama – but to date his has only brought us rhetoric. Johan Lorbeer has brought us a miracle.

Make no mistake if anybody can save us it is Spiderman!

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Cybernest said...

Apparently Mr Lorbeer IS German, at least according to his own website, the BBC and Wikipedia!

Very amusing stunt... though for me, I have to agree with one Cairo resident during Mr Lorbeer's performance there last November.

"The Germans are laughing at us!" he said to the large crowd, as he turned away with a derisive snort!

Great story Sancho... worth disturbing your Sunday's peace to share it with us.