Thursday, February 26, 2009


A 23-year-old in the Dominican Republic has maintained an erection for six days after taking alcohol and two sexual stimulants. He received medical treatment in Santo Domingo on Wednesday but is still as stiff as a board.

Antonio Rosa went to the hospital with the erection hours after making love but so far the medication from the hospital has failed to deflate his ego. The doctors have no doubt that the problem has been caused by one of the capsules he took and if his penis doesn’t recoil in days an operation may be necessary.

Antonio is rather concerned as he has been told that an operation could leave him impotent. “Eso me preocupa.”

Of course when you reach my advanced age to be stiff for six days would be bliss rather than a problem. I of course refer to my penis – the rest of me is stiff habitually.

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