Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Spanish senator and former mayor of Jimena, José Carracao, believes Spanish Government officials should not only be talking to Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, Peter Caruana, but also the leader of the Opposition, Joe Bossano.

He is quoted as saying: “Bossano is a real alternative to the present Government. He has 49 per cent of the vote and lost the election only by a few hundred votes.”

Whilst that is true, the veteran GSLP leader and former chief minister, Joe Bossano had made it clear that he would not lead the party in to the next election. Hence Carracao would also need to talk to the GSLP/Liberal coalition’s bright young stars such as Fabian Picardo and Dr Joseph Garcia.

What is not clear is whether this statement was merely a tactic to goad the chief minister but he says that Peter Caruana has acquired an air of excessive political self-importance - “If it were for him, he would only meet the Minister.” Curious because I know a leading television correspondent was trying to arrange an interview with the Rock’s top honcho without much success.

Carracao restated his support for the Cordoba agreement and believes it has had a positive effect on public opinion on both sides of the frontier. However he is concerned that contacts have been reduced to official exchanges. “Whenever a meeting of the Tripartite Forum is called, the general directors of Britain and Spain and Caruana meet. But that’s it. There are no meetings with institutions such as the Mancomunidad, or with the Campo mayors.”

Perhaps the wily old Carracao is just demonstrating his political nous because there is nothing more likely to stir Caruana from his lofty eyrie than the thought that his political bête noir, Joe Bossano, could be projected on to the centre stage, any stage, and especially one involving relations with Spain.


Cybernest said...

Whilst always welcoming talks between all parties on either side... quite honestly the only stage I would like Bossano to take is the backstage of history!

I think your assessment that Caracao is trying to shake Caruana's tree is correct... and it needs shaking! Caruana has indeed climbed into his own ivory tower in recent years and really needs a reality check.

I'm also very much in agreement with your comment that much more dialogue is needed at local level between the authorities, especially the Mancomunidad... and other grass roots bodies. The environmentalist bodies on both sides of the border show a good example in this regard and I only wish more would follow their lead!

Great blog btw... I've added you to my 'Blogs I follow'!

Saludos! :)

Fernandez said...

Does anybody remember the Bossano years in office? Thank God he is stepping down - if he sticks to his word - ha!