Thursday, February 19, 2009


For reasons I won’t bore you with I have only just received an email sent last October by Patrick Elvin. It reads:

“Patrick Elvin is leading a charity walk from Estepona to Santiago de Compostella next March and April 2009, (1200 Kilometres in 7 weeks) and is looking for volunteers who would like to accompany him on all or part of the way which is mostly on the lesser known but very beautiful pilgrimage route of the Via de la Plata.”

In fact the walk starts on March 15, ends on May 2 and Patrick tells me there are still a few places left.

I have to admit one of my ambitions (and I don’t have that many) is to walk to Santiago de Compostella. This walk is also close to my heart because it is for Estepona’s fine animal protection society and refuge, Adana.

Adana has three prime objectives for the walk: to raise awareness of animal cruelty; to encourage care and compassion towards animals; to raise funds for community based care and educational programmes and build a new sanctuary.

As befits a lengthy walk in aid of Adana - man and woman’s best friend, the Adana dogs – which accompany them on the way but obviously only for short sections.

Needs to say there is much more information on the website so click on the link below. If you can’t do the walk then you can help the project by making a valuable donation. It’s a fantastic project and deserves your support.

You can contact Patrick at

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AB said...

Have a nice walk to Santiago with your best friends!

Sancho replies: I have received a number of emails wishing me well on the walk. I said it was an ambition - not that I was doing it - and it will remain an ambition for a while yet. Thanks none the less for your good wishes.