Tuesday, December 23, 2008


At a time when the shops are packed with parents buying toys for Christmas and ‘Reyes’ the “Comité de Seguridad y Prevención de Accidentes de la Asociación Española de Pediatría” has released a timely report on the effects the colours of toys have on children.

Dr Jordi Mateu says that red toys encourage dynamism and the initiation of movement in children and are thus recommended for those who are tranquil and need activity.

In contrast blue is a relaxing colour and helps with sleep so it is best suited to very active and irritable little ones.

Toys that are yellow improve concentration and the development of intelligence whilst orange is a happy colour. White promotes rest and relaxation.

The AEP’s child psychiatrist, Dr Paulino Castells, adds that in the first years of life children should be encouraged to play with dolls, bears and other animals. To promote mobility they should play with balls, pedal cars and construction games. Whilst sensitivity and expression is best achieved through musical toys be they string, wind or percussion.

So if you are buying a drum this Christmas - and want a season of peace and goodwill - you should choose a blue and white one that will promote rest, send the enthusiastic young player to sleep whilst leaving your nerves intact.

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