Friday, December 12, 2008


Unless I am mistaken, and I often am, there does not exist in Spain the long tradition of sending Christmas cards at this time of year as we suffer in the UK.

I do receive greetings from such diverse bodies as the Guardia Civil and the Patronato de Turismo de la Diputación Provincial de Cádiz but they come via email, so are not the old style card.

Indeed Christmas seems to have come early this year as I already have had email felicitations from Vicente Peña Romero and the Partido Popular in Benalup-Casas Viejas as well as the Cámara de Comercio del Campo de Gibraltar.

All very nice but it seems that I will not be receiving a Christmas card from Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Peter Caruana – not that I ever did in the past.

The chief minister has announced that he will not be sending Christmas cards this year. Instead, he is saving the taxpayer’s money and £1,949 will be donated to the breast cancer charity.

Unless I have read this wrong, and whilst I am pleased that breast cancer will benefit from his decision, the tax payer will not actually save any dosh as instead of having a card printed and buying stamps Peter Caruana is simply writing a cheque.

Given the low price of postage on the Rock to have spent £1,949 the chief minister must have sent a card to every resident - perhaps he did.

However his decision will leave many people disappointed and an empty space on their mantle piece where the Caruana card used to proudly sit.

Over the years I have received cards from MPs, government ministers, even the odd head of state. I used to put them safely away after the festive season and if I was ignored the following year, dust them down and bring them out again.

I suspect that this festive season the great and good of Gibraltar are frantically searching to see if they can find an old Caruana card to put on display.

And shame on the loyal members of Gibraltar’s opposition parties who have defaced their cards from the chief minister by drawing horns and a beard on his hallowed image.

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