Sunday, December 28, 2008


The British and Spanish Royal households are saying nothing but officials in Madrid have stated there is a plan in place for the Infanta Leonor and Prince William to marry.

There is of course an obvious age difference. The Infanta is three years old and the Prince 26. It is understood that the heir to the British throne will be allowed to have a live-in relationship with Kate Middleton for 12 years at which time the Infanta will be 15. Their engagement will be announced on the Infanta’s 16 th birthday with the wedding taking place within two years. The Prince will then be 41.

British constitutional expert Lord Lowsey of Maldon stated: “Arranged marriages in the British Royal Family have not featured of late. However given that three of the Queen’s children have been through divorces it is felt that now is the time to return to tradition.”

He added: “There is a precedent for such unions between Britain and Spain. When King Henry VIII acceded to the throne following the death of his father, Henry VII, his wife was Catherine of Aragon, who was the widow of his elder brother.”

The marriage union is seen as a way of strengthening the strong ties between Britain and Spain. Both are members of the EU and NATO with Britons being the major visitors to Spain either as tourists, part-time residents or having chosen to make their homes on the Iberian Peninsula. Britain and Spain intend to form an alliance to counter the French – German axis.

There is also another hoped for benefit. At some point both Prince William and the Infanta Leonor with take their rightful places as the monarchs of their respective countries. This will unite the two crowns and automatically bring Gibraltar under joint sovereignty bringing to an end a dispute that has blighted relations since 1704.

(Spanish officials in Madrid released news of the union on December 28 –Día de los Santos Inocentes. Their British counterparts are not expected to make any announcement till April 1.)


Anonymous said...

Ya veo que no se te ha olvidado que hoy es el día del inocente y has lanzado la noticia del compromiso matrimonial de la Infanta Leonor, ja, ja. Casi me lo estaba creyendo ¡qué bueno!

Tienes mucho sentido del humor ¿cuánto tiempo has estado "maquinando" la broma?

Alexander Bewick said...

So the creative juices are still flowing, then! Good one, Sancho!