Thursday, December 11, 2008


The Spanish book “Código Sexual” which is “El manual práctico de los maestros de la seducción” is set to take China by storm in its Mandarin version.

The editor of the book, Santos Rodríguez, said they attended last year’s Peking international book fair with zero expectations of scoring a hit – as is the case in most seductions.

However the writer of “Sex Code”, Mario Luna, must know a thing or two about these arts because not only has the book sold over 80,000 copies in Spain and Latin America but is also clocked up major sales in China.

China was chosen because there are 119 men for every 100 women with the large migration from the countryside to town and cities in search of work. Therefore there is a hunger amongst these men for an exhaustive bible on female psychology.

Obviously these explanations are less long winded in Mandarin than in Spanish as there are 416 pages in the Chinese edition compared with the 672 in the original.

Apparently it is only a bible as far as seduction is concerned ... if you strike lucky then the sex part is down to you!

Those of you wishing to dip in to this manual of seductive arts can do so at:

But be warned –next time you go to a Chinese takeaway, don’t ask for a 69 in Spanish!

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