Tuesday, November 25, 2008


According to a study “Diferencias de calidad seminal y resultados reproductivos” carried out by the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad the semen of Spaniards is low in volume, mobility and concentration but is the most effective in achieving pregnancy.

Some 12,000 couples in 13 European countries took part in the study that was carried out between 2000 and 2008 on patients receiving fertility treatment.

The report shows difference levels of quality between the semen in the various countries and the results of assisted reproduction treatment.

Spanish semen was ranked 9 th for volume, 10 th for mobility – I hate to think what that is – and 11 th in concentration. Only the Belgians and Turks fared worse in this last category but then they were also bottom of the other two as well.

Sweden and Norway were tops in concentration and mobility whilst Ireland and Germany hit the mark in the volume of sperm ejaculated. I wonder how they calculated that?

However when the study looked at the ability of the various nations’ semen to achieve pregnancy Spain came second after fellow Iberians Portugal.

The Director of the IVI Alicante clinic and co-author of the report, Elena Sellés, stated: “Over 40 per cent of the Spanish who undertook the treatment achieved pregnancy at the first attempt and 25 per cent achieved it over a longer period of time” – which the good doctor attributes to the high quality of Spanish semen.

They say knowledge is power but I would counsel you to be careful in how your share this information.

For example, discussing the negative points of Spain’s semen would not be an ideal topic in a Spanish men’s bar.

Go carefully out there!

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