Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As I spent much of Tuesday night –Wednesday morning in front of the TV watching the USA election results I am not blogging today. Thank goodness for that you all cry!

Well I could have cried myself for scanning the headlines on Tuesday for suitable reports I mistook Osama for Obama. Easy enough I hear you mutter.

According to the Spanish daily, El País, Osama is now amongst us. He arrived at Madrid’s Barajas airport on a flight from Egypt bound for Casablanca.

Not Osama bin Laden but one of his sons, Omar Osama bin Laden.

He is by all accounts being held by police who are saying nowt whilst the government considers a request for political asylum.

We are assured that Omar Osama is a pacifist who has rejected terrorism - as opposed to a pacifist who hasn’t I guess.

Why he is seeking political asylum in Spain is not known – least not by me.

So a brave new world dawns as Obama moves in to the White House - and Omar Osama moves in to Spain. ¡Ole!

(In case you have a nagging feeling at the back of your head it’s not a flea more likely the fact that you think you’ve heard of Omar in the news before. Indeed you have for last September the story broke that four times married Parish councillor Jane Felix-Brown from Cheshire had made him hubby number five but they were getting divorced after his family discovered her background. I am not sure what they found most objectionable – her being from Cheshire, a Parish councillor or a serial wife. Apparently she didn’t find the fact that his father is a terrorist and mass murderer in the least off-putting. Omar is a scrap metal dealer – I am sure I could find some pithy comment to make on that - but let’s not go there.)

(Since writing this blog it has been announced that the Spanish Government has rejected Omar's application for political asylum - no grounds were given but it is understood that the Ministry of the Interior believes he is not in danger of persecution in other countries. He has 24 hours to appeal.)

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