Friday, November 28, 2008


On Thursday the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, made his third visit to Ronda to present the awards, scholarships and medals at the Real Maestranza de Caballería.

It was his only visit to Málaga province this year and the first time the King had presented the awards that marked the end of the Real Maestranza course year. The Real Maestranza was created in 1572 and was accredited with the name royal in 1764 by King Carlos III when his son the Infante Don Gabriel de Borbón was named the ‘Hermano Mayor’, the position held by the current monarch.

Now I have spent several hours in the royal presence I do feel a sense of elevation and this blog is written more in the spirit of Borbón than bourbon. I also think a tad of deference by you good reader would be appropriate. Perhaps gentlemen wearing hats would take them off when logging on to my page, a small bow towards the screen would not go amiss either or a gentle curtsy from the ladies. I know that some of you are already in the habit of doing this and rest assured it has been noted.

I shall not be altering my habits, I shall remain as humble and approachable as before – but – oh yes there is always a but - in future I will only eat morcilla that comes from pigs with blue or purple blood.


Anonymous said...

Enhorabuena es un privilegio por tus relaciones con las altas esferas y la sangre azul pero todos nos quitamos el sombrero delante del cerdo y todo lo que sale de él.

Andy said...

I saw His Majesty's speeding black Benz as he and his security detail darted past Campillos roundabout, and I'm sure in some small way that counts. Of course nowhere near as privileged as your good self, but I amuse myself with these small things in my never ending search for tail coats to hang off.

Lenox said...

He the one two to the left of the President-For-Life Chaves.