Monday, November 3, 2008


In my Saturday blog (see below) I reported on how the Spanish Queen, the Reina Sofía, has anger the Gay community with remarks reported in her biography ‘La Reina muy de cerca’ penned by journalist Pilar Urbano.

The book was published to coincide with the Queen’s 70 th birthday and caused a storm because although she could accept, understand and respect Gays, she did not understand their demonstrations and disagreed that a Gay union could be called a marriage.

Now it appears that the British Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, who is quoted by the Mandrake column in the Daily Telegraph, agrees with her. She stated:

“To have a valid marriage, it has to be the union of one man and one woman and that marriage is not a marriage until it is consummated. Civil partnerships have no consummation and are certainly not entered into by one man and one woman. It can never be equated to marriage. It is an acknowledgement.”

It is best on a wet Monday morning to leave the consummation to one side. Moving on I am sure that Baroness Scotland was not aware of what the Reina Sofía had reportedly said, but to my eye at least, they are saying the same thing – and in the case of the Attorney General she speaks as the UK Government’s law officer.

By the by I find the title of Baroness Scotland rather a grand one. I always thought that those who received such honours chose the name of the village or town they were born in – the Earl of Bognor and such like. To choose an entire country seems rather greedy to me. I know await the arrival on the scene of Lord Blair of the Universe.

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