Saturday, November 22, 2008


A disco in Valencia is apologising to anybody who will listen over a draw it was organising in which the first prize would have been a breast enlargement operation.

Pachá has now cancelled the draw and says it is sorry for having offended any person or institution and it had no intention of showing any lack of respect towards women.

The disco had organised a “Pretty Woman” night for December 5 that was billed as a “tribute to women”. For 20 euros they could buy a ticket for the draw and the breast enlargement surgery was worth 4,500 euros.

The government and the regional authorities slammed the promotion as “sexist”. The minister for health, Bernat Soria, has stated that he is opening an investigation with the Valencia ministry of health, whose minister, Lourdes Bernal has expressed her “total indignation” at the event and planned prize.

The row broke as it was learnt that a major Japanese web shopping mall, the Wishroom, had sold over, wait for it, 300 men’s bras for 2,800 yen each.

Wishroom representative Masayuki Tsuchiya told Reuters as he modelled the bra, which can be worn discreetly under men's clothing: “I like this tight feeling. It feels good.”

Whilst Wishroom Executive Director Akiko Okunomiya said she was surprised at the number of men who were looking for their inner woman adding: “I think more and more men are becoming interested in bras. Since we launched the men’s bra, we've been getting feedback from customers saying ‘wow, we'd been waiting for this for such a long time’.”

My B cup runneth over so I’m off to find my inner woman, but men - next time you are left feeling a bit of a tit, log on to the Wishroom website.

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