Friday, July 17, 2009


This blog has a tragic outcome but not the one that people were expecting.

On December 29 2006 María del Carmen Bousada de Lara, just a week off her 67 th birthday, gave birth at a clinic in Barcelona to two twins.

She had lived in Cádiz for many years of her life and cared for her mother who passed away aged 101.

Despite having the menopause 18 years previously, no sexual relations for ten years and being unmarried she was desperate to have children.

She sold up some properties and made several trips to the USA finally finding a clinic in Los Angeles to give her fertility treatment. She said nobody asked her age but the doctor who treated her said he felt defrauded – the legal age for such treatment is 55 years.

So it was that Pau and Christian came in to the world. The births created headlines around the globe. Carmen argued that as her mother lived to be 101 she expected to see her grandchildren.

The question everybody asked was how could a woman who would then in her mid to late 80s cope with teenage twins?

It was the wrong question.

Tragically this week Carmen died from cancer. The twins, two and a half years old, are now orphans. It is understood that a nephew of Carmen’s will raise them.

The question now is how will these mites fair in the world without a mother – a mother they could have barely known?

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