Sunday, June 14, 2009


The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, has been speaking again – when does he ever stop – and is now upset with some Europeans who have said he is vulgar.

The word that has got him in to trouble is “El Vergatario”. That is what he labelled a new low cost mobile phone that has come on to the market for 30 bolívares – around 13.95 US dollars.

Clutching a dictionary in hand Chávez lamented that Europeans had said that he had called the phone “a penis”. He then stated that his copy of the Pequeño Larousse had many descriptions for “Vergatario” including it meant - of much quality, to be very good.

Not in my book it doesn’t. There “Vergatario” is listed as penis, a crossbow and various naval connotations.

So is Chávez vulgar and gross - or just misunderstood?

It’s a tough call!

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